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Why The Web?

The internet offers many opportunities to most businesses. It represents a segment of the economy worth over $4 billion annually. While some experts may split the proverbial hair over when and how the internet economy will ultimately develop, they virtually all agree that it will continue to grow and may one day be the dominant segment of the economy. Just like the fax machines that were once considered an office luxury, a company web site is becoming something you just expect any serious business to have. The information superhighway is literally changing the way we communicate, where and how we shop, and for some, how we even work.

Why Not The Web?

Although the statistics vary, some estimate that as many as 96% of web based businesses fail. Even some of the big names with virtually unlimited pockets operate their web sites at a loss. Fortune 500 companies with highly trained and motivated personnel pour dollar after dollar into the internet but have yet to see their first dollar of profit. The truth is the information superhighway has a toll both.

What About My Company?

The real question is not, "should my company be on the web," but instead should be "how can I use the web to help my company?" Just about any company can benefit from the internet, and your company is probably no exception, but like the adage says, "Failing to plan is planning to fail!" The internet should be considered a multipurpose tool that must be used properly for the best results. We don't use dump trucks to shuttle our children back and forth to school and we don't use buses to haul dirt to construction sites. While both are possible, neither would be considered the best tool for the task at hand.

Once you've determined how you want to use the internet, the next step is commiting the necessary time and resources. Failing to do so almost guarantees that your web experience will be less than pleasant (or profitable.) Often the responsibility for a company's web site is placed on an already busy employee with little or no web experience and a budget to match. If you can't make the web site an employee's primary duty, then outsource and let someone with the experience and time do it for you. What you might consider an additional cost may actually save you money and headaches in the long run.

Don't Forget To Consult!

We can't stress this enough! Don't risk you company's money and image by jumping on the internet without some professional advice. It can be extremely difficult to overcome a bad "first impression." Don't wait until you've thrown a lot of money and resources at the internet.

Let LCCI's knowledge of the internet and years of experience help you to develop a winning web site that is an asset to your company. Call us today!